AlienVault Secures b Spot’s Network for Innovative Gambling Platform

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2012, b Spot is a new revolutionary mobile-based game network that allows players to bet and win real cash.

All of b Spot’s mobile games are free to play and when you’re ready to place a bet, you tap a “play for money button” to make a cash wager. Results from all well-known wagers, whether it’s the roll of dice or complex algorithms in slot machines, are based on a real event. With b Spot, all payouts are determined by live horse races.

As part of b Spot’s registration process, players are required to provide personal information to enable b Spot to verify their identity.

Because b Spot operates in a highly regulated industry, it maintains robust security practices and systems to protect personal information from unauthorized access. For these protection needs, b Spot turns to the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform.

Joe Hasson is the Chief Operating Officer at b Spot and also played an integral part in bringing legal online gaming to the U.S. He said that because of the size of their company, b Spot needed to find a trusted security solution that they could quickly implement and manage with a small team. 

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